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About Us

Getz is an international marketing & services company with over 50 offices in 24 countries around the world. The origins of the company go back to 1852 when Joseph & Max Getz emigrated from Eastern Europe to the United States. They started with a small general store in Northern California by selling local products in and around the San Francisco area. Later they started exporting goods to China and other Asian countries. Business expanded and around the turn of the century, Getz opened offices in Shanghai and then Hong Kong and South-East-Asia. More followed and now it's major offices cover the whole of the Asia-Pacific region. Click here to learn more.

Over the years, Getz grew in size and reputation with mergers and acquisitions. New ventures and businesses developed because of growing collaboration with business partners. Today, Getz focuses on several core businesses in international trading, marketing and manufacturing. These businesses cover the following market segments:

  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment and Devices
  • Consumer Products
  • FMCG, fashion, women's apparel, toiletries, health & beauty aids
  • Chemicals
  • Serving paints, inks, plastics, paper, rubber & textiles industries
  • Architectural Services
  • Access Floors, Ceilings, Vinyl Floors, Wall protection and Office
  • Workstations
  • Food Processing
  • Tropical fruits, vegetables, frozen snacks and baby food
  • Industrials
  • Construction, Environment, Hardware & Agriculture

Getz Taiwan

Taiwan Branch office was opened in 1952, with an investment of 4 employees. As the Taiwanese economy thrived the office succeeded, to the point where today, Getz is known island-wide. Getz Bros. & Co. Taiwan Branch has products lines in Process Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Water Treatment, Mechanical Engineering, Material Handling Equipment, Environment Protection, Industrial Raw Materials and Medical Products.
More than 50 years of experience in Taiwan has given Getz a depth of understanding formerly unknown in this dynamic economy. Our experienced local staffs, supported by international marketing expertise, combine to create a powerful sales, marketing and distribution force. Getz is fully capable of serving the entire island, while maintaining strong lines of communication with the manufacturers whose products we sell. Getz has a full range of services to give our customers and principals the very best in marketing and distribution.